Round 4 will start after July 31, 2020. To signup, post a reply to this page.



Upon completion of your match, please post the following as a comment/reply to this page.

  • The winning player reports the victory by posting to the tournament site the following. In  addition to reporting the fact of the victory, the following statistical  information is required. Please use the following format.
  • ACTS Game Name:
  • Carthaginian Player Name:
  • Roman Player Name:
  • AREA game of Hannibal:Rome vs. Carthage played before between the two of this (Yes: we have played an AREA rated match of Hannibal against each other before  No: This is our first Area game of Hannibal between us):
  • Bid for Side, Winning Bid Amount, and Side Chosen:
  • Winning Player:
  • Turn Game Ended:
  • Method of Victory:
    • Resignation
    • Carthage controls all of Italy except Latium
    • Rome sacked
    • Carthage sacked
    • Suit for Peace due to lack of PCs
    • Final province count victory
  • # of Provinces controlled (Winner)
  • # of Provinces controlled (Defeated)
  • Turn Number on which the following occur:
    • Syracuse Joins Carthage
    • Syracuse sacked by Rome
    • Philip Joins Carthage
    • Philip Makes Peace with Rome
    • Death of Hannibal (and circumstances)
    • Death of Africanus (and circumstances)
    • Truce (whether as event or ops)
    • Messenger Intercepted by Rome
    • Messenger Intercepted by Carthage
  • Optional Adjustments Used:
    • List any that are used.

14 Comments to “Rd4”

  1. Will play roudn 4

  2. Will play Round 4

  3. In for Round 4.

  4. Will do Rd4.

  5. I’m in for round 4, but our game needs a little bit more time to finish round 3 (turn 9)

  6. I’m in for round 4

  7. Tim:

    Please count me in.


    Mike PacheCo

  8. I’m in, thanks, Randy

  9. I’m in for round 4

  10. I’m in! Thanks for all you do to keep us going, Tim.

  11. I’m in.

  12. I’m in for round 4

  13. In for Round 4

  14. In for round 4

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