Sign up for the Hannibal PBI (Play by Internet) Ladder by posting a comment under the latest round.

Rounds are every 4 months. To sign up, click on the Ladder tab above and click on the latest round and post a reply/comment with your ACTS ID,

The default tool for the ladder will be, but players can play using any tool or method including face to face if mutually agreed upon.

BPA membership is not required for this ladder.

Current ladder positions after round 3 are:

Position Name
1 John Sutcliffe
2 Dan Sirbu
3 Vladimir  Schuparksi
5 Mike Lembke
6 Michael Mitchell
7 George Young
8 Michael Primaevera
9 Phil Watkins
10 Jeff Miller
11 Mike Kaye
12 Bart Grubben
13 Randy Pippus
14 Mike Pacheo
15 Andrew Trifan
16 Geoff Allbert
17 Jeremy Harrison
18 Derek Landel
19 Tim Tow
20 Daar Hartz
21 Todd Wilde
22 Benjamin Peters
23 Ron Jacobsen
24 Jean-Louis Dirion
25 Robert Champer
26 Enrico Favriga
27 John Dietrich
28 Greg Ottoman
29 Bob Hamel
30 Peter Sikarev

Bidding Process

iTo make a bid, a player clearly states the number  of PCs (minimum of 0) which he is offering and the side he wishes  to play.

ii.  When offered a bid by an opponent, a player must   either accept or raise the bid.

a) Acceptance of the bid allows your opponent to play  the stated side he desires for the stated PC Adjustment

b) Raising the bid amounts to offering a greater bid for   the same stated side. Simply state a higher PC bid than previously mentioned.

iii, When an opponent raises the bid, a player responds   by accepting the new bid or raising the bid. Raising may continue  until one player accepts a bid.

iv.  Bids may be of any amount, but must be in integers (0, 1, 2, etc. ). An opening bid may be zero, but not less than   zero. A raise must exceed the last bid and be an integer.

v. PC Adjustment. After setting up the board for play,  but before the first turn cards are dealt, the player who accepted  his opponent’s bid makes PC adjustments equal to the amount of  the final bid. The player may use each point of the bid to place  one friendly PC or remove one enemy PC (using a combination of  both in the same space if so desired and if more than one PC   was bid). Removed PCs must be non-walled, non-tribe PCs. Once  the PC adjustments are made, the game commences and is scored as usual.


Tournament Rules (Apply to all games on this ladder)

1.1 Transport Rule. Carthage can transport 1 CU with a  general and obtain a -­1 drm on the Naval table.

1.2 Mountain Crossings. The modifier for non-Alps mountain pass attrition is mandatory. That is, the modifiers are: Alps = 0; Non-Alps = ­-2

1.3 Movement between straits: per the Phalanx rules, movement along the strait passage between the two cities of Rhegium and Messana only requires control of the originating city. (10.6.2., p.12) Phalanx rules refer specifically to Messana and Rhegium.

1.4 Siege, Retreat Losses, and Naval Movement rolls: Because ACTS does not support specialized dice, use the tables at this clarifications link and use a  6 sided die in ACTS for these rolls.

1.5 Card #30 Carthaginian Siege Train: The Phalanx card text allows placement of up to 4 Siege Trains. Subsequent plays of this card as an event allows placement of a siege train with another army up to the limit of 4. When 4 siege trains are on the board, a subsequent play of the card allows an existing siege train to be moved from one army to another army.

1.6 Special ACTS rule for play of Phillip V: In ACTS, the first play of Philip V as an event should be chosen as an Operations in ACTS so that the card can be kept in the deck. When it is played as an event a 2nd time to end the Macedonian Alliance, it should then be played as event to remove it from the game. This is because of the way ACTS handles event cards, which only allows for one-time removal when played a an event.

1.7 Roman Allies In Italia (Italy) Rome can have a maximum of 2 battle cards for Allies in Italia for control of provinces. Latinum can count as one of the two qualifying provinces in addition to the militia battle card bonus for battles taking place in Latinum.

36 Comments to “Ladder”

  1. Sounds like fun!

  2. RandyPippus

  3. Starlock

  4. I’m in..

    Geoff Allbert

  5. Michael P.

  6. Count me in

  7. mgmitch100

    Michael Mitchell

  8. Yes, why not. John Sutcliffe

  9. Count me in. Thanks!
    ACTS ID : dlandel

  10. Please count me in. ACTS ID: pachecoHQ

    Thanks, Mike

  11. Greg Ottoman (ACTS) email

  12. ACTS: Jeremy Harrison

    Thanks for organizing the event, Tim!

  13. Buddy2337 (ACTS)

  14. I’ll join.
    ACTS ID: George Young

  15. ACTS ID: maple55

  16. I’m in

  17. ACTS: Todd Wilde (

  18. I want to try !
    enriko (ACTS)

  19. I am in.
    Daar (acts).

  20. I want to try
    viv (ACTS)

  21. I’d like to play if novices are welcome.

    • Hi! Just checking in on the status of your Hannibal ladder game. I sent instructions via email to you and your opponent to set up your game, but I haven’t seen a game set up yet. Let me know if there are any issues.

  22. ok i’ll wait

  23. So, full name Vladimir Shuparski. No Area Id.

  24. I’ld like to join.
    ACTS-ID: Bart G

  25. A bit late, but I would like to join
    ACTS ID: Bart G
    No AREA ID

  26. Please count me in. ACTS username: hecgon


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