Round 1 of the Hannibal Ladder has concluded, Round 2 starting and will end March, 2020

The first round of the Hannibal ladder has concluded.

Current standings are:

Ladder Position
1 Randy Pippus
2 Michael Mitchell
3 John Sutcliffe
4 Mike Pacheco
5 Greg Ottoman
6 Dan Sirbu
7 Jeremy Harrison
8 Michael Primavera
9 Andrew Trifan
10 Jeff Miller
11 Bob Hamel
12 Todd Wilde
13 Vladimir Shuparski
14 George Young
14 Derek Landel
15 Geoff Allbert
16 Ron Jacobsen
17 Tim Tow
18 Daar Hariz
19 Jean-Louis Dirion
20 Benjamin Peters
21 Mike Lembke
22 Robert Champer
23 Phil Watkins
24 Enrico Favigra
25 John Dietrich
26 Bart Gruben


Round 2 Matches are:

Game Player 1 Player 2
1 Randy Pippus Michael Mitchell
2 John Sutcliffe Greg Ottoman
3 Dan Sirbu Michael Primavera
4 Adnrew Trifan Bob Hamel
5 Todd Wilde Vladimir Schuparksi
6 Derek Landel Ron Jacobsen
7 Tim Tow Daar Hariz
8 Jean-Louis Dirion Mike Lembke
9 Robert Champer Phil Watkins
10 Enrico Favigra Bart Gruben

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