April 18, 2020

No future BPA PBI Hannibal tournament

After the current Hannibal BPA PBI tournament, I will personally not be running another BPA PBI tournament for the game so looking for a new GM. If anyone wants to do so, please feel free to do so. Happy to offer advice as needed.

April 1, 2020

Round 3 of the PBI Ladder has started and will end July 31, 2020

Congratulations to Randy P. for holding the top spot on the ladder after round 2. Matchups are posted at  https://hrctourney.wordpress.com/ladder/rd3/

If interested in playing in round 4, post a reply with your acts id to: https://hrctourney.wordpress.com/ladder/rd4/

March 25, 2020

Round 3 of the Hannibal Play by Internet (PBI) ladder starts April 1, 2020

Round 3 starts by April 1. If interested in playing, post a reply at: https://hrctourney.wordpress.com/ladder/rd3/ by March 30, 2020.

December 2, 2019

Round 1 of the Hannibal Ladder has concluded, Round 2 starting and will end March, 2020

The first round of the Hannibal ladder has concluded.

Current standings are:

Ladder Position
1 Randy Pippus
2 Michael Mitchell
3 John Sutcliffe
4 Mike Pacheco
5 Greg Ottoman
6 Dan Sirbu
7 Jeremy Harrison
8 Michael Primavera
9 Andrew Trifan
10 Jeff Miller
11 Bob Hamel
12 Todd Wilde
13 Vladimir Shuparski
14 George Young
14 Derek Landel
15 Geoff Allbert
16 Ron Jacobsen
17 Tim Tow
18 Daar Hariz
19 Jean-Louis Dirion
20 Benjamin Peters
21 Mike Lembke
22 Robert Champer
23 Phil Watkins
24 Enrico Favigra
25 John Dietrich
26 Bart Gruben


Round 2 Matches are:

Game Player 1 Player 2
1 Randy Pippus Michael Mitchell
2 John Sutcliffe Greg Ottoman
3 Dan Sirbu Michael Primavera
4 Adnrew Trifan Bob Hamel
5 Todd Wilde Vladimir Schuparksi
6 Derek Landel Ron Jacobsen
7 Tim Tow Daar Hariz
8 Jean-Louis Dirion Mike Lembke
9 Robert Champer Phil Watkins
10 Enrico Favigra Bart Gruben
September 14, 2019

Location Name Differences between Phalanx and Avalon Hill/Valley Games versions

This is a list of the differences in location names between AH/Valley Games’ Hannibal and Phalanx’s Hannibal

First listed is AH/Valley Games location name, second is Phalanx’s name.

Iberus – Osca

Azaila – Celsa


Segobriga – Cartala

Arsa – Budua


Salaria – Castulo

Western Numidia – Major Numidia

Vescera – Auzia

Saldae – Saldai


Eastern Numidia – Minor Numidia

Thamugadi – Sigus

Cirta  – Certa

Thubursicu – Madauros

Carthaginia – Libya

Thabraca – Sigca

Tacapae – Tacape


Syracuse – Syracusae

                Syracuse – Syracusae


Rhegium – Regium

Bruttium – Bruttii


Firmum Picenum – Sena Gallica

Sena – Firmum Picenum

Praeneste – Alba Lucinius


Falerii – Volsinii

Genoa – Genua

Ligurians – Ligures


Gallia Cisalpina

Insubrumanians – Insubres

Gallia Transalpina

Isere – Helvetii

Gergovia – Vellavi

Averni – Arverni

Druentia – Vogonii

Rhone – Heivii

Araceli – Ausci



Nice – Nicaea

August 3, 2019

Hannibal Ladder begins

The Hannibal Play by Internet (PBI) ladder has kicked off and round 1 will run through Nov 15. Signups still being accepted and will be matched up on an as available basis.  Good luck!

June 20, 2019

Announcing a play by internet (PBI) ladder.

For more organized Hannibal play, I will be starting up a ladder for Hannibal players. Players will be ranked initially by AREA rating and given a numerical position.  #1 will play #2, #3 will play #4 and so on with the winners exchanging positions with the losers and losers dropping to below all winners.

Rounds are initially set to be every 4 months. Players can agree to use any or no options available with the Phalanx edition.

All games will be played with ACTS or  can be played with other tools such as Wargameroom or other methods upon mutual agreement

Sign up by August 1, 2019 for the first round by posting your ACTS ID and registering with your email as comment here: https://hrctourney.wordpress.com/ladder/

There are no fees or membership requirements to participate in this ladder.

April 3, 2019

ACTS updated with Phalanx Optional and Expansion cards

The http://www.acts.warhorsesim.com/index.asp (ACTS) site  has been updated to support the Phalanx optional and expansion cards.  The following options are now available.

1. Optional card set 1 (Cards 65-74) (use turn added column to add these cards in the appropriate turn; if no turn listed, add on turn 1)

2. Optional card set 2 (Cards 75-91) (note no card 77 is intentional) (use turn added column to add these cards in the appropriate turn; if no turn listed, add to deck at start on turn 1)

3. Price of Failure Expansion (Cards P1, P2)

4. Sun of Macedon Expansion ( Cards S1, S2)

5. All Optional cards and Expansions (Cards 65-91, P1, P2, S1,S2)
One-time use of selected optional cards Set all of these cards to be removed if played as an event. (cards 75-91 P1, P2)

6.Add Optional card set 1 (Cards 65-74) at-start (ignore turn added column for this option; all cards available on turn 1)

7. Add Optional card set 2 (Cards75-91) at-start (ignore turn added column for this option; all cards available on turn 1)

8. Add all Optional cards (Cards 65-91) at-start (ignore turn added column for this option; all cards available on turn 1)

9. Add all Optional and Expansion Cards (Cards 65-91, S1, S2, P1, P2) at start (ignore turn added column for this option; all cards available on turn 1)

February 25, 2019

Updated Vassal and Cyberboard modules

Updated Vassal and Cyberboard files are available in the Optional Rules section: https://hrctourney.wordpress.com/optional-rules/

These files included the Phalanx additional generals and Mauretania map extension.  The Vassal module has the new Phalanx map but counter graphics have not been updated.

New cards are not yet implemented in these two new modules.

February 1, 2019

The Elephants are on the march!

Elephanten Vor!

The 2019 BPA Hannibal PBI tournament has started with 46 participants from around the world. Good luck to all playing. Feel free to handicap the bracket using the Challonge site’s features.